About us

Burton Road Brewing Co – aka Boz and Tom – a beer loving duo from Manchester’s West Didsbury.  A hobby turned small business.  We are contract brewers – we don’t have our own brewery… yet… but have plans and dreams.  We do lots of research, create recipes, design the label concepts, package and sell beer.


Our beers

Session IPA – light citrus/pineapple notes with a dry, crisp and refreshing finish. A lot of flavour and mouth feel for a relatively low ABV – 4%IMG_3614Pale Ale – our original beer – easy drinking and smooth pale – 4.8%


IPA – dry hopped with plenty of Citra and Chinook giving a mixture of fruit, citrus and pine. Quite dry but refreshing with a nice bitter bite to it – 5.6%



155We had been home brewing since 2014 and tinkering with pale ale recipes in Tom’s shed and kitchen for several years before stumbling across our Pale Ale recipe.  We didn’t know how to go about making enough beer in our adapted tea urn so turned to the team at Alphabet to contract brew our Pale Ale.  So, in 2015 the Burton Road Brewing Co was born.  Having spent most of our lives drinking on Burton Road the business name was a simple choice.  Our beers are currently brewed at The Mobberley Brewhouse.


The brilliant illustrations on our beer are done by the genius who is Gaz Scott and our friendly digital design experts Reasonably Good.


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In charge of recipe formulation, logistics and jointly in charge of sales and research

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Other job – catering business



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